WARNING: Sappy, kind of long post.. but worth the read 😉

Almost four years go, I was given the opportunity to move to Connecticut. I so badly was hoping to go down south, but I took the job... to gain the experience of being away from home, but not being TOO far from home. 

I was born and raised in NJ and had no idea what it was like to be completely on my own. Who would come to my rescue if I had a flat tire, or go get dinner with me after work? I was so used to bouncing around NJ, going to visit all of my family and friends, working two jobs and going to school full time. 

It was a whole new, crazy adventure to pack up and move 4 hours away from such an established lifestyle! I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. I was in my early twenties & promoted to General Manager, given a ton of responsibilities at a pretty young age. But the company was confident in my abilities to handle them, which boosted my confidence in return. (I like to think I rock at my job, but that's just my two cents.) 😉

I love the company I work for, so I just thought to myself, "I'll be there for a couple of years, and then a job will open up down south within the company and I'll go there!". I have a bit of wanderlust... at one point, I told myself I would live in each state at least once... ya know, for the experience! I love the excitement of exploring new places. 

With all of that being said... I fell in love with Connecticut. Is it expensive? YES! Is the western side of the state filled with traffic and crazy people, YES! Do I miss my family and friends from home? You bet your butt! But this eastern CT, New England charm has sucked me in and I love it. I have a great life, two sweet, adorable puppies, an amazing boyfriend with an even more amazing daughter (no offense babe 😋), a loving & supportive family, wonderful friends both in CT and NJ, a great job, and I visit home as often as I can (and I love having visitors!). 

Through the years living on my own, great things have happened, and so have bad things. It's part of life. Some sort of grand design that leads us all to where we are today.... and today, I am officially a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER! 

When I really started to hone in on my photography skills using the proper equipment, Matthew Lodge began to take an interest in it also. I was planning on doing a little side Photography endeavor, because I love to capture memories & I wanted to provide that for people. While we developed our skills and practiced, Matthew Lodge and I decided we wanted to pursue a legitimate business and so began the planning stages for "ANCHORED ROOTS PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC". 

I have loved taking photos for as long as I can remember. I am that annoying friend who stops to take pictures of beautiful sights, of you in a funny pose, the menu at a restaurant I love, of the cute little salt and pepper shakers at the hotel, or the flowers in a beautiful garden. I have 75 THOUSAND photos stored in multiple places for fear of losing them. I promise you that is not an exaggeration... I have 12,000 on my phone alone. 

I look at a photo from years ago, and feel an overwhelming amount of love and nostalgia. It's how I remember things exactly as they were at that time. Remember that one time I had a nose ring and bleach blond hair?! Or the time I tried to dye my hair blonde and it turned orange? Well if you don't, I assure you I have photos of it to show you!

I could not be more thrilled, invigorated, or grateful!! A huge thank you to Matthew Lodge, my biggest supporter. I am so thankful for you. I get to have you as my partner in LIFE, not just in business!   

I spend a lot of time counting my blessings, and reveling in how thankful I am for the life I have, and have worked hard for. I am so excited for this new adventure. 😊


- Sarah